Skateboard Setup

I discovered this song while watching a skateboard setup so it only made sense to return the favor. I recently started skating again after a loooong break because of numerous reasons (excuses) even though I was watching skate videos on a daily basis. A while ago I joined a friend to go skate at a local pool/bowl which, he suggested, is ideal for older skaters like myself to get into skating again because of the low impact/high fun factor. I was convinced and bought myself a wider board with wider trucks and wheels more suitable for pool skating. I had never skated a pool before but after learning how to skate an eight (Dunglish) I must admit that I’m hooked and stoked to finally be skating again! Here’s a breakdown of my setup. The Hornbill graphic made this an easy choice for me but any wider board (at least 8.5″) would do for pool skating. Some companies I like are Welcome, Madness, Antihero, Crooked and the list goes on and on.

Deck: Welcome Ryan Lay Inferno on Stonecipher Deck 8.6″
Grip Tape: Mob Grip 11″
Trucks: Independent 159 Stage 11 Standard Trucks
Wheels: OJ Wheels Elite Hardline Wheels 55mm 99A
Bearings: Bronson Speed Co. G3
Hardware: Independent¬†7/8″ Phillips (I would suggest getting the 1″)

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