Support a Good Cause: Bird Collective

Recently a friend asked me about my favorite bird. Studies suggest that there are between 10-18 thousand species of birds so that’s a pretty tough question! The Bateleur eagle pictured here has to be one of my favorites though. While on a birding safari in Tanzania I saw a couple of high flying Bateleurs like the one pictured below but I hope to see one up close in The Gambia next month.

But enough about the Bateleur because this post is about supporting a good cause called Bird Collective. They sell awesome merchandise to help raise money and awareness for grassroots organizations and conservation projects.

I’ve been wearing one of their shirts for a while and it’s still going strong. If you order the sweater above call me before meeting up so we don’t have matching outfits 😉 Enjoy this fitting song and help save the birds by clicking here!

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